Axis Realmart Pvt Ltd, headquartered at Jalandhar, is an experienced and professionally managed real estate organization, fully equipped to take care of your all sorts of real estate needs. Fully focusing on the customer's satisfaction, we undertake careful and thorough analysis of client's requirements, formulating well-versed practical strategies to create the profitable solutions for our clients. The varying trends and the anticipated fluctuation in the current real estate market indicates to plan and maneuver the investments through a planned distribution of funds evenly divided in various residential and commercial projects with reputed developers through a experienced and well informed real estate consultancy like Axis Realmart, who with a solid platform in this sector has an ability to take care of the risks involved in the industry. We are determined to guide our customers i.e. sellers, buyers, investors, developers or any entity related to the real estate industry through the best possible updated available information with proven facts and figures ensuring the maximum benefits to our clients. Axis Realmart endeavor to develop a long-term business relationship through focused dedication and commitment ensuring consistent value addition in our services.With strategic business tie ups with like minded professional real estate companies in all the major cities of Punjab i.e. Chandigarh, Mohali, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Patiala etc, we intend to offer real estate related customized services all across the region.


Axis Realmart aims to plan and execute our working methodology with a sole objective of ensuring maximum for our clients. We believe that a satisfied client will not only give us internal and external contentment, but the relationship thus developed will be mandatory in achieving our short term and long term goals bringing us closer to success. We will focus only on ethical practices, developing mutual trust and respect in our relationship making our clients feel confident that their interests are deftly handled striving maximum for them.



Real Estate is at the core of almost every business, and its certainly at the core of most people's wealth.

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